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Lyla Begay, Shannon Hooper, Aubs Staats, Tovah Strong 

Here, we listen to Staats describe the interconnectedness of magic and time, fine arts and divination, with Begay illustrating how the pandemic affected her art, and how it was through this difficult time away from her community that birthed the need for creating to be centered in nature, beauty, and life cycles. Hooper expresses the desire to showcase the beauty of the Shoshone People and Nevada, through the theme of "honoring the past, while living in the present." Lastly, Tovah, IAIA Alumni, expands on their writing through multi-based media work, poetic research, and dance, all informed by their surroundings

Artwork by Lyla Begay 

Shannon Hooper_image2.jpg

Artwork by Shannon Hooper 

Artwork by Aubs Staats

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