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Michelle Preslik and Triana Reid discuss the themes of their artworks, sculpture and poetry. The conversation begins with connections, between the artist and what is being made, between the components of art, and between the artist and the world at large. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a great loss of connections and social isolation has made spending time with oneself, a lot of time with oneself, common. These two artists ponder how this isolation has influenced their work, has it affected their relationship with the process of making, with the natural world, with their individual understanding? Some major themes that are explored within Michelle’s sculptures/ 3D forms and Triana’s poetry are; deep connections with the natural world, the ideal of slowing down, and the noticing of details. Through this discussion both artists encounter each other's works through similar lenses of compassion and curiosity.

Michelle Preslik 

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 12.40.21 PM.png

Michelle Preslik

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