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Another Day 

Micro-Memoir by Brannon J. Selestewa

The cherry of a joint burns red.


Cough... Cough...


A breeze comes from the east taking the smoke away and disappearing into a curly trail. I’m outside my old house in Kewa, looking in front of me, staring into the dark abyss of an abandoned house, where a door would stand. As the breeze gives me a slight chill down my back, I am glad I came outside with my black hoodie. After I take another hit, I look back through the screen door of my house.


“What should I eat? What should I make? Mac and cheese sound good. Or potatoes with hot dogs? YEEEAH!”

I flick the cherry off and head back inside. The Tv is paused on the movie Robots, which is about a young machine who has big dreams to make something of himself in the world of robots. It’s cloudy and relaxing, and it is the weekend. Nothing is on my mind and I’m enjoying the silence. I go to the kitchen and begin cooking potatoes and hot dogs. You can hear the hot dogs sizzle and the oil snap in the pan.


...Click...Click...the stove is off.


I put the food on a plate and head to the brown couch, sinking right into the middle. I take a bite of the nice warm potatoes, so soft they are like the soft cookies you get from Mcdonald's. Before playing the movie, a sense of peace came over me and I thought to myself how nothing can ruin this moment...




The door is knocked on like the damn police are here, only to find out it is my grandma coming back after a long day of selling. Being close to my grandma, a routine was made where I helped her bring in the jewelry and tables. She always makes me happy and checks on me to see if I'm okay. So, as she gets mentally relaxed that she is home, I tell her that there is some extra food on the stove. Then, I press play and continue with the movie.


While she’s at the table and eating she asks, "What time did your Mo-Mo leave?”


“As soon as he woke up,” I answer.


“That man and the casino, he can never stay home.”


We both laugh.


Brannon J. Selestewa is currently attending the Institute of American Indian Arts. 

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