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Artwork by Yoshi Sam

Art in Conversation was developed to build relations and critical reflections through an exchange between the departments at Institute of American Indian Arts. These conversations allow students to share knowledge and experiences that cross academic spaces.  


Within our respected degree tracks, there are times people become enamored with the individual and the promotion of the self, which veers on a dominance mindset. This can be rare among folks who are community centered, but the ego is a common pattern of feeling, thinking, and a behavior that we as humans possess, and this we should always consider and be aware of.  


In recognizing the importance of creating a learning climate of openness, community, and collaboration, and because the creative process is enriched by cross-discipline pollination, Art in Conversation brings together Creative Writing and Studio Arts students for in-depth conversations about their inspirations, methods, concepts, concerns, and aspirations. 

Artwork by Yoshi Sam

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