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a Micro-Memoir Podcast
by Kayla Wanatee
OneKayla Wanatee
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Native Drums
Peaks Above Clouds
Traditional Drums
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Kayla Wanatee is from the Meskwaki Tribe based in Iowa. Currently, she is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kayla enjoys working with many mediums and illustrations in acrylic paint, graphite, ink, digital art, and exploring different mediums in classes provided by IAIA. In the years leading up to attending IAIA, Kayla worked with her tribe as the Meskwaki Elders’ Circle Coordinator. This experience allowed her to appreciate and have a better understanding of the culture of her people. Kayla’s grandparents also encouraged her cultural connections as she grew, this is what influenced her drive to tell the stories of her people in a good way. With each project, the subject selection comes from Kayla’s own life, which she tries to portray in a way that others can come to understand and connect to her experiences. It is thanks to all the positive influences of friends and relatives that encouraged Kayla to explore her own artistry and storytelling.

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