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Drunk Electric Sparks

after Red Osier Spiders by Heather Cahoon
Poem by David John Baer McNicholas

A touch of bruised satin, drunk electric

barbwire scars selvedge

the open air above

a late collapsed cape rotting

on Bloody Point. This

collapse has fallen in suicide

three short ages since to rot

lonely the ghosts of interred engineers,

lost when trickling under

deep rivers and waters washed-out

roots over source into spring.


The voice beyond ears this vague

nerve breeches him they buzz –— some faint flashing

sparks among the quanta and dark muttering

above the shrub-trees inside the walls.


David John Baer McNicholas is a wizard who lives in a spray painted shuttle bus in downtown Santa Fe, NM. He is the author of Lemons: In an Orchard, L.I.E.S., and Callously Wanton. Mr. McNicholas is also a ghost hunter and a liar, who believes that misinterpretation is everything. He can often be found talking to animals or playing electric noise guitar inside his bus. He enjoys skateboarding, yoga, and cigars. Honors include: second place in the limbo on the Sir Thomas Leighton Absolut Vodka harbor cruise of 2005; second place in a free-style dance contest at 2:00 a.m. local time in Patong Beach on the 27th of January 2016 at the Illuzion night club. In both cases the first place winner was a five foot tall blonde woman. Coincidence? We think not.

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