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Editors' Statement

As the 2022 Student Anthology team welcomed a new era of stories surging in our community, we noticed a common thread bridging the distance between us; one that echoed our personal experiences, bloomed on campus, and expanded outward. Stories of reconnection and resilience rekindled flames as we saw deeper connections emerging - our seeds grew stronger in the fires of transformation. 


What happened during this pandemic that caused you to change something that was a long-time habit or convenience?


What part of yourself did you kill to make room for new growth?


How did you create space for this new part of you to breathe?


How did you know that now was the right time for these roots to grow? 


Whether microscopic or cataclysmic, we met these changes that began in the physical world and reverberated into our being. As our previous 2021 Anthology Out of Storms into Stars captured a “transformation caught in motion,” Burn to Emerge confronts the rippling effect that transformation had within our internal and physical selves.

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