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A bird jumps from the nest, a nest that may as well not existed.

A recent mother finds the crying baby, lost and scared.

A human touch will see the baby never to be loved again.

The human mother does her best to keep the bird alive.

Trying to find a sanctuary for a lost bird.

Too bad no one cares for such a weak animal, only sanctuary available is that for exotics.

Seeking help from a Doctor on campus, a local scientist or whatever he is I never took his class.

While they talked, the bird that laid in the cup holder of the stroller.

Decides this isn’t it.

 Decides maybe it can fly away.

Takes one leap and falls straight to the ground.

By then the conversation stops.

Enter the Father who strolls up and sees the mother in stress.

She comes to him to show him the bird that just decided to fly without wings.

He knows nothing can be done, he only known this bird as dead.

The mother doesn’t cry but she isn’t exactly empty.

She wanted to help; she is known as a healer in her old stomping grounds.

She feels like she failed.

He knows that it was the bird’s choice.

She feels like she could’ve helped.

He knows no one would accept a common bird.

With their own child put to sleep, they go with the bird.

To where it’ll lay to rest.

Father grabs a shovel from the shed of his work.

Digs a grave, and gently places the bird into the soil of the garden.

At least in death the bird can give life.

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